Currently Crushing: Sweatsuits

Believe it or not, sweatsuits are a seriously fun and empowering outfit (not to mention easy). I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on my sweatsuits when I wear them out! Who wouldn’t want to look cute buying a frozen pizza at Whole Foods or even cruising the boardwalk at sunset. I just want to make it clear, sweatsuits are a perfectly acceptable chill time outfit. DON’T BE SCARED!

SWEATSUIT-WHITNEYBEARR7Sweatsuit Fashion | Whitneybearr

I’m in love with this pink hoodie and pant set from Wildfox. I paired it with my new Nike Air Max. I’m down with pairing sweatsuits with sneakers for the full on casual look, but I’ve also seen some babes on the street pairing them with heeled booties for that street style look, I’ll have to try that.

Think about how empowering it is to wear what YOU like and what YOU’RE comfortable in. When I’m getting dressed I’m not thinking about what others will think about me or what I’m wearing. I think, what am I going to feel the best in. When you start dressing for yourself I think you’ll find that your style will change.

Sweatsuit Fashion | WhitneybearrSweatsuit Fashion | Whitneybearr

Sweatsuit Fashion | Whitneybearr

Venice Beach Boardwalk | Whitneybearr

Sweatsuit Fashion | Whitneybearr

Next time you pass a sweatsuit (or anything you think is so YOU) in your closet, remember what I said about dressing for you. If you like it, nobody else can change your mind. To quote RuPaul, “Unless they’re paying your bills, pay those b*tches no mind.”



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